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Oil cooler install

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This tutorial is for adapting an OIL COOLER for a vehicle equiped with a front mount intercooler. Mounting an oil cooler on a naturally aspirated vehicle would be less involved than this install.I used a STILLEN OIL COOLER KIT which I purchased for about $380.The kit is designed for a N/A vehicle and WILL NOT fit in the designed spot and the following tutorial cover the modified install. This kit is a bit pricey and you can put together a kit for far less,I got really beat on the deal by STILLEN but made do with what I had.You will need the following tools:

floor jack
jack stands
basic tool set
fine tooth mini saw
cordless drill
drill bit
6 qts oil
oil filter

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Step one
Jack car up and put on jack stands. Proceed to completely drain oil and remove oil filter.

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Step two
remove front bumper cover and remove the small black plastic sheild on the passengers side.This is held in with three small plastic clips in the aluminum bumper.

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step three
Remove the plastic peice behind that by removing the three plasic clips.Discard both pieces,you will no longer need them.

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Step four
Using a small fine tooth saw,make the existing hole in the plastic housing slightly larger to fit the oil hose through.

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Step five
Check fitment of hose,make sure hole is large enough so you can put foam padding around the hose.

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Step six
Now it's time to position the OIL COOLER on the aluminum bumper.This is the ONLY position I was able to fit the oil cooler without restricting airflow to the INTERCOOLER or RADIATOR Note the position and make marks on the bumper with a pencil,and remove the oil cooler.

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Step seven
Drill four holes in the aluminum bumper.Please note that you only need to drill the bottom part of the bumper.

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Step eight
you may now mount the intercooler to the bumper using two nut and bolts(aprox 10mm) and using two self taping screws on the end of the oil cooler closer to the center of the car.You will not be able to use a nut and bolt on this side,so a self tapping bolt does the trick.looking good!!

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Step nine
Mount the hoses to the intercooler,please note that I ran the second hose underneath the bumper.At this point you will need to route the hoses to where the sandwich adapter will be.You may end up trimming the hoses to the proper length for proper fitment...Just make sure the hoses are free from kinks and not near any moving parts!!

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Step ten
You are almost done!!!Now mount the SANDWICH ADAPTER to the engine block and install new oil filter. Be sure the fittings on the sandwich adapter are positioned so you can connect the hoses.Also make sure not to forget the little rubber "O" ring inside the sandwich adapter.Tighten the bolt holding the adapter pretty good but dont strip it!!Now install the hoses and tighten. Secure all oil lines away from any heat sources and moving parts at this time..Make sure to zip tie foam padding around the oil lines where they may rub against something!!

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Step eleven
Fill the car with oil(make sure to replace the drain plug
) and check level.I used about 1/2 of a qt more than normal for the cooler and lines.Start car and check for leaks at this point.If there are no leaks you may now modify the front bumper by cutting away a small portion as seen in the photo.Without cutting you will not fit the bumper back on, just be careful not to ruin your paint.. Your front will now look like this.Just make sure over the next few days to keep an eye out for leaks and an oil pressure guage might be a good idea.That will be my next tutorial.

Well your all done boys and girls!!! Hope this helps out and I am always willing to answer anyones questions,just pm me!!
This is my addition to making this site the most USEFULL
350Z site on the net!!!

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Could you put your grill back on?
You would think those plastic pieces on the sides of the IC would direct air towards the radiator.
i couldnt figure out what those plastic pieces on the sides do.. seems like they catch air but don't direct it anywhere?
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