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I need to know what a good offset would be for an 18 or 19 inch by 9.5 front and 10.5 rear wheel. I want an agressive look and a big lip in the rear. I do not want to roll the fenders, and I plan on lowering the car a bit. Also, just want to make sure. The higher the +offset of the rim, means the rim will have less of a lip, right? Thanks.
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That's a toughy. I think it depends on the wheel manufacturer. Different wheel types will use different offsets and that will make different lip-depths as well. I've got some Volk GT7's with 19x8.5 +23 in the front and 19x9.5 +24 in the rear. The front have about a 1.5" lip and the rear have about a 3" lip.
hello. anyone else????????????????????
Lip size got nothing to do with the offset..

this is a nice calculator to calculate the offset of the new wheel.

zxrage has the following setup and lowered I believe

fronts 9.5" wide with +12 offset and running 245/35 toyo t1-s

rears 10.5" wide with +22 offset and 275/30s.

His pictures are here
All of a sudden, I'm on this kick with black wheels. :doh:

My wheel and tire package for 18's
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