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seeing as i intended on upgrading the clutch/flywheel anyway, i'm not exactly angry over this, but it does piss me off that nissan would put in such a shitty clutch to begin with.

The car has under 30k miles on it, and the clutch slips daily. Is this a common thing? Would it be covered under warranty or is the clutch life only supposed to be 30k miles? and is the clutch considered a normal wear/tear item and not covered?

Also, i'm curious on the power difference with the JWT vs. stock - as far as power capability, and stiffness of the pedal.

Are there any adjustments I could make to possibly get alittle more life out of the clutch? It goes in over winter for a few other things so thats when i was planning on doing the clutch, i'd prefer to not do anything about it until then.

I just got the car last thursday. so it's not my driving...and the guy i bought the car from was a mechanic, so I doubt (although is a possibility) that he drove the car like **** and prematurely wore the clutch out.

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