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Numerous "will this size tire fit" question merged into one thread

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I have to replace my rear tires and figured that I might as well go bigger. I'm not looking to replace the wheels because I happy with the stock 17's. Well enough with the

Will 275/40/17 fit on the stock rear rim? I'm thinking of going with 245/45/17 on the front and I have read where they will be fine, but I'm just not sure on the rears.
Also are the Hancook HR405 tires any good? I actually try to drive my car and am not looking to slide off the side of a mountain. This is the deal I'm looking at

Thanks for the help and as always,

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They might be able to cram that 275 on that size rim, but it's well beyond what the tire manufacturer would recommend. I personally wouldn't do it.
Thank you John. I think I will take your advice.
thinking about replace OEM stock to something else. If i go with this size config:

front: 255x35x19
rear: 285x35x19

it it too much and what size the rim should be to fit those tire: 19x9 or 19x10
i believe you can get away with these size of tires on 19", but lets see what others say
seem like no one in here using that config. :(
I'm running the following and there's definitely lots of room for 19's:

Front: 245/40ZR-18 93W
Rear: 275/40ZR-18 103W
I'm running 245/35/19 and 275/35/19. At stock height, you shouldn't have a problem with the 255/285 setup.
:bump: What is the best size for the rear and front for optimal performance and contact with 17" Enthusiast wheels?
Does this help?

350Z Tire Sizing
Standard 17":
Jeff, you might be able to get away with 245F and 255R, but not what you were suggesting. Also, you'd probably have to drop to 45's instead of the 50's.
Sort-of. I know what size is recomended by Nissan. I need to know if I can go with a 235 in front and a 245 in rear, or even go a little bigger?
:doh: It's a good thing you guys are not doctors or else I would be dead! :nana: :rolf2:

That was 6 months ago. With that said, I think Smooth is dead on with the 245/45/17 in front and 255/45/17 in the rear. When it is time for new tires again I will be getting this set up. I....MUST.....STOP.......DOING.......BURNOUTS!!! :shiftdrive:
Don't blame me. This thread was started a month before I was even a member here.

So you recomend 255 rear and 245 front?
Yes, it will more than likely fill out very nicely and actually give you a more aggressive look. And your contact patch will increase, giving you better cornering capability. Have fun drifting!
To me drifting (all be it fun as ****) is a waist of rubber. Just save your bald tires for that, then again I dont drift because there is nowhere around to do it without fear of slamming into something like a pole.

Yes 245/45/17 on front and 255/45/17 on back.
Hehe, I meant drifting around corners.

Yeah, those sizes are perfect for what you want. Good luck to both of you.
So don't go with a 255/50/17 on the back? Why 45 instead of 50?

Sorry, I don't know much about tires... Thanks for the help!
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