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Hey guys.

Just for your information, the annual Kid's Race Day is on soon. 18th of December, actually. Its a day where people take kids with disabilities out on the race track, with a mixture of street, semi-street and dedicated track cars.

Kids Race Day is a Rotary initiative that commenced 10 years ago with 3 racecars and 13 kids and their families from Camp Quality. The objective of the day is to give kids the thrill of being a passenger in a 4WD, Race and Rally car at Oran Park Raceway. In 2004 over 350 kids were given this unique experience. Approximately eighty drivers from categories such as the Konica V8 Supercar Series, V8Brutes, Super-Tourers, Commodore Cup, Porsche Cup, GTP and Formula 3 support the Kids Race Day event. Many of the kids were treated to quality track time in a range of prestige vehicles such as Lamborghini Contachs, Ferraris, BMWs and Porsches and there was plenty of time afterwards to meet the drivers for that important autograph or to get a photograph taken in their favourite vehicle.
I won't be driving this year, but I'll be giving a hand with flag marshalling. If you're interested, come along and support a good cause. If you want a crack at flagging to see what its like, I might be able to get you guys on as a "trainee" to accompany someone else.

Here are my photos from last year, and the general photos on the NSCC web site.
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