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What:"All Clubs West Meets East Pavs Day".
When: November 1 2008
What time: 2PM-10PM (1PM Westside rollout-detail below)
Where: Scottsdale Pavs, and a Westside Rollout Cruise

Let's get a All Clubs Pavs day going. I expect to have a row filled up so it takes 25 cars minimum to reserve a spot. If someone has not been to the Pavilions at Scottsdale, it's quite a big show/meet. Don't forget your folding Lounge chairs, bring yur family or date whichever you have.

Lets join in Westside Z Meet/AZ Tuner Car Club, Desert Z Association, AZ350Z, G35Driver, My350z, ProjectZ32, AZ Mazda, and all other clubs as well as any Westside ones you know and otherwise.
I will try to post it up on these other forums as well to have a combined
involvement. If you dont see that I have posted up, please post up and call if "All Clubs Meet".

1PM The Westside Cruise will start at Starbucks on 99th Ave and McDowell location at 1pm. So please show up, and we will cruise from there at about 130pm. We will be caravanning on the furthest right lane and we would like to keep the same spot in the line so if you are on the freeway, please do not reposition to another spot unless there is a safety factor
or something along those lines.


2PM E. Thomas Rd and Scottsdale Rd, at the parking lot nearby the Albertsons gas station (starbucks in there) regroup here and headcount and rollout by 215 or so.

Here is Phoenix New Times clip...

Best Free Car Show
Scottsdale Pavilions Car Show
Scottsdale Pavilions
9175 E. Indian Bend
Scottsdale, AZ
The law of entropy says that energy dissipates if not contained. But humans like to localize their energies, and thankfully so because some of us have some pretty sweet cars. There's no better place to see a hundred or so collector cars than the free Scottsdale Pavilion car show, every Saturday night. The Pavilions Car Show is a weekly gathering of gearheads from across the Valley; the show's Web site says it's the "the largest consistently run car show in the United States."

The cars start rumbling in around 4 p.m. every Saturday, but it takes a couple of hours to fill the parking lot near Best Buy and McDonald's on the north side of Indian Bend Road (just off Loop 101).

By 6 or 7 p.m., the parking lot is usually stocked with hundreds of cars, from vintage classics to modern-day imports with coffee-can exhaust tips. Clusters of make/model and year form naturally.

You'll find rows of 1950s Chevy Bel Aires, followed by 1960s Camaros, and, across the way, vintage Mustangs and '32 Fords. You'll also find a few rows of newer rice-burners, including tricked-out Toyota Supras and Acura NSXs, as well as the usual wanna-be Honda Civics and Volkswagen Jettas with crappy fiberglass ground effects.

If you work up an appetite or just want a milkshake, that McDonald's is a few paces away, and a 5 & Diner is across the street.
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