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Notchy shift gears

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Has anyone had success with changing the tranny oil to eg GM synchromesh ?
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First of all you don't need no pump to drain it, just remove the plugs and the ail will drain by itself. Then you'll need a pump, I've one which looks like a big stainless steal syringe, it has capacity of 0.5L, it's very good. I've tried using a plastic pump for oil wich sort of looks like an oil dispenser, but it's extreamly slow and it takes very long time, this one is fast. I needed two pumps into the diff (1L) and 4 pumps in to the trany (2L). Also don't mix the diff oi8l with tranny, since the tranny oil is bad for syncros I recommend that you fill up first the tranny and do the diff last.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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