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Non-staggered for road racing?

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I would like to use my 18" Track model Rays wheels for track days, road racing, and autocross. I'll get new tires/wheels for the street and put competition tires like the Kumho V710 on the Rays wheels. But TireRack says there is a limited variety of competition tires available in 18". :doh: They only offer Hoosiers in 245/40 that fit these wheels. So, I'd have to run the 245's on all four corners; no stagger. Is this OK? will it have a detrimental effect on the VDC or ABS system? Handling implications?
The alternative is to buy new 17" wheels and tires and sell/keep the Rays. I 'd appreciate any commentary on this issue. Thanks.
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Another member here by the name of Rickdogg runs 17's on the track, but rolls and shows on 19's. I have heard it mention several times that 17's are used for abuse on the track. As for staggered setup, I watch road races and notice they have a staggered setup with tires and wheels. I believe it helps with understeer and oversteer.

If you have the Ray's Track wheels, I don't see a problem with 245's all the way around. It's that or buy different tires to stay with the stock setup. I like to think that if one can master driving/tracking on stockers, then it makes the driver better and ready for anything on the road.

Oh, welcome to the site!
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