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NJ Residents.Support your local motorsports

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Raceway Park AND All other Tracks in New Jersey needs your help and support!!!

Legislation is pending in New Jersey that will have a serious
impact on the way motorsport facilities operate within the state.
What is this latest legislation? On October 21, 2004 Mercer and Monmouth County Assemblymen Michael J Panter and Robert L. Morgan introduced legislation that will have a direct and damaging effect on motorsports run within the Garden State. This bill is yet another veiled attempt by a small group of New Jersey residents to silence racing without regard to the feelings of other residents and racing enthusiasts in the state. If you attend racing events within one mile of a resident, this affects your racing activities or soon will affect the operation of the facility.
How will this legislation affect racing? The time restrictions suggested in this legislation would make operating any race facility in New Jersey nearly impossible. The far-reaching impact of these actions will hinder all forms of motorsports. At Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, the race program would need major adjustment and many classes would need to be eliminated. The already heavily restricted Sunday drag racing time schedule would be further restricted making completion of average events impossible. Weekly Time Trial Nights would also be under heavier restrictions limiting car counts and possibly leading to increased street racing danger in our state. Under this projected legislation Motocross events would no longer occur, as there would not be sufficient time to complete any such event within these guidelines. Also, the hours of use and volume at which a P.A. system operates would be time restricted. These are blatant attempts to put race facilities out of business in the state of New Jersey.

What can I do? Your local assemblymen will be heavily involved in this process. It is crucial that we voice our opinions before it is too late. Inform your friends, fellow racers, sponsors, and the businesses that benefit from the audience to do the same. We are at a crossroads with this matter and without strong support we will all be forced out of existence. In the past we have all received great support from fans, racers, sponsors, and business owners who supported our point of view via fax, emails and phone calls to the Assemblymen proposing this legislation. If the statement came from outside of their jurisdiction the email and phone calls were most likely discarded. If possible, contact your local assemblymen by fax followed up by a phone call. By doing this you will send a hard copy and a clear message to your local politician about this latest attempt to hinder the motorsports we love. If contacting by email please copy Raceway Park at [email protected]. Email is effective but can be easily deleted. We must act now to defend motorsports. We must partner ourselves with the businesses that will be affected by this pending law to show that the impact of new legislation will harm the business of the facilities and other businesses in your area (i.e. Hotels, Restaurants, Performance Automotive businesses, etc.). By contacting your local assemblymen the true feelings of New Jersey residents can finally be heard. Contact the NJ Tourism office as well.

What Happens now? The bill must go through a few stages before it becomes state law. Currently the bill is in Bill Analysis. From there it will go to the House for approval and then to the State Senate for approval before being signed into Law by the Governor. We must act now to protect our interests before the bureaucrats take away our collective voice.

This affects you…start by contacting your assemblyman today.
Assembly No. 3425

We now ask for that support again, please contact YOUR Assemblymen (click and your town will be listed as to YOUR Assemblymen's contact information). If you e-mail, please copy Raceway Park at [email protected]. Please voice your opinion and support Raceway Park, the home of fast family fun for over 40 years and for many years to come.
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All that money went to the gay, Israeli b/f who probably isn't a resident of NJ. Sad...

I wish you the best of luck. MN is already there... :cry: :headshake:
just spread, via email, the word to those of us down in SJ. Most of us visit Atco, but it will affect us down here too!
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