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Nissan Replacing my TYRES :)

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Just got off with Nissan Australia, they told me to replace my tyre and fax him the invoice and they will reimburse me with half the cost.
Thats pretty good for a tyre thats done 40,000km.

They asked me to just take it to other place who can do the alignment as well and they will once again reimburse me in full :)

This was a result of many phone calls, not abusing but very calm yet firm approach :irock:
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question is what tyre should i put on that causes no feathering (or atleast most resistant to feathering)
i should say try the harder compund tyres, which have a longer life thread? I'm guess like the Bridgestone S0-3 because it last longer. But i'm not sure what other cheaper tyres that have the longer life thread.
Nissan manager called me again told me I cannot get my car aligned and have toe in settings etc changed as per TSB spec anywhere apart from Certain Nissan dealers in Australia.

Apparently only handfull of Nissan dealers have good enough machines and Nissan Sensor adjustor to handle this task.

That is why most Nissan service guys don't want to deal with this problem as they need to outsource our car problem.

I was referred to Nissan in Randwick who can handle this task.

I'll post my results soon :)
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