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Hi guys,

Ross (Jinxed) and myself are looking to do a photo shoot IN PERTH WA involving some roadsters in the Z lineage from start to finish.

Ross has the 300ZX Roadster in Yellow
I have the 350Z Roadster in Blue

We are looking for (in clean STOCK condition):

370Z Roadster
Datsun Fairlady (pre 240Z)

Of course it would be best if the 2 remaining cars were NOT yellow or blue but we'll see what turns up.

This will NOT be a mass photoshoot. We're after a well planned good quality image of JUST 1 example of the cars above.

We are also open to a volunteer photographer as we really want this to be an awesome image to share with the community.

Please post here or contact me via PM if you are interested in being part of this.

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