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Since yesterday I got my car serviced by Peter P (nsimo pete) and most of the time I've spent talking 350z stuff, I taught that I might let you guys know about Turbo XS who are based in Sydney and are developing an ECU for our cars. It works in a similar way as HKS F-Con that it works with our current ECU and it's plug and play. It's supposed to control the fuel and ignition with future capability to control VDC.

Peter borrowed them an ECU and Engine to do their development, but it seems to be very slow. Maybe if they get a lot more exposure and interest from the 350z crowd they might speed up the development. I would be very interested in it if it was able to control VDC.

By the way Peter, the ABES sleeves you have are very nice :) I've forgot to ask you what made you decide to go with ABES instead of Darton sleeves?
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