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Newly Detailed

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I wanted to share some pics of my most recent detail.

I applied a coat of NXT on Thursday, then another one Friday afternoon. Saturday afternoon I topped it off with Pinnacle Souveran (carnuba wax). :thumbsup:



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:thumbsup: I especially liked the last pic!
Originally posted by BlueDragonZ@Oct 23 2004, 09:07 PM
I wanted to share some pics of my most recent detail.

I just purchased some NXT, but I haven't worked with it yet. Thanks for sharing. Who could ever get tired of looking at a very SHINY 350Z? It looks like you did a fabulous job! I'd say it was definitely a labor of love!



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Very Nice. Love that DB
Thanks, I think it's an OBSESSION.
Very nice Blu! I washed mine at my friends yesterday only for it to rain its a$$ off on the way home. So I had to re-dry it in my garage.
Originally posted by Dave079@Oct 24 2004, 10:48 AM
Very nice Blu! I washed mine at my friends yesterday only for it to rain its a$$ off on the way home. So I had to re-dry it in my garage.

Doesn't it seem to always rain after you wash your car?
I did all my detailing this weekend in my garage while it was pouring.

I would be careful to dry off the car after you drive it out in the rain because you might be wiping off dirt on your paint.
awesome shine man
i like your mirror too :biggrin:
Originally posted by Hazade@Oct 25 2004, 07:09 AM
awesome shine man
i like your mirror too  :biggrin:

Thanks.....I'm loving NXT right now, it even made the tail lights shine. :thumbsup:

It did make a difference that I topped it off with carnuba wax though.

Here's what she looks like with just NXT three weeks ago. The carnuba gives it an additional depth in the paint. :thumbsup:

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Yep that carnuba as a topper does well for the darker colors, makes them so DEEP!!!! Nice job BluDragonZ!!!! :cheers:
Thanks Jinxx ....
It's funny because my GF made a comment that the paint looks like it's dripping wet. :lol:
SURE DOES!!! :biggrin: Might have to let that cure for a few days....LMAO!!!
nice shine man. What's the name of the topper wax again? Thanks for sharing the pics.
Jinxx, I find that it does make a difference as far the shine or depth if you allow it to cure for at least 24 hours. I let the first coat sit overnight then applied the second one. :thumbsup:

juanjo thanks, the topper is Pinnacle Souveran go here

Hey got any more pics of the V3 Z on your sig, I'm loving that kit including the wheels.
Nice car Juanjo - need more pics please
Very nice shine :clap:
Pinnacle is good on dark paints, reds, blues and blacks. If your car is silver or another light colour it will not make much of a difference. Also it only lasts about 4 weeks. If your car is a lighter colour then there are other topers/waxers which will look better.
Nice work. Paint look like its dripping wet. :irock:
Thanks Pat, I wish she was looking like that right now. I had to drive her in the rain and a little bit of snow last week. Unfortunately with my schedule and the weather I haven't been able to clean her up. I was ashamed to take her to our club meeting last night because of her condition. She's usually the cleanest Z there so everyone notices when she's dirty.

NourZ, personally I prefer to use NXT over any other products out there right now that includes Zaino. As you can see NXT topped off with Pinnacle brings out depht in the paint IMO. I have tried Zaino but couldn't get the same effect, plus it's cheaper. I'm not really worried about the durability since I wax three sometimes four times a month anyway. however, during these winter months it seems to be holding off pretty well.
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