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I just bought my 370Z and read about how they have a lot of cabin tire noise. I came from a 1997 Corvette and it too was very noisy. Guys it is the tires. My 370Z was a good deal. A 2009 for 14K with 51k on it. Stillen Cold air, exhaust with the sport package and new brakes pads.

When I looked at it, it had the same Older style Michelin A/S All Season Z rate tires like I had on the Vette and I was like Shiot! But the car was great. They are noisy as **** the same as they were onthe Vette. I would suspect that the Original Bridgestones were the culprit with the noise problem as well. Unfortunately I will have to live with this for awhile because they have a good amount of tread on them and I am cheap. So.....

I did go buy the Home Depot Peel and Seal product and put it over the wheels and most of the trunk area inside the car. This knocked it down about 40%. Now it is not killing me with the WAh, Wah howling inside the car at 70mph. Oh and by the way it does not stink like people say. Basically the same stuff as Dynamat but for 20.00 instead of like 80.00 for the same amount.

On the Vette I bought Continental DWS since I do drive some in snow living in Kansas City. They were 80% quieter just a low hum at best at highway speeds. Stickier and just all around better. If you want all seasons I cannot recommend these more! All C5 Vette owners ditch the stock Michelins and go with non Run Flats and the majority with the Continentals. They do have a newer version now however.
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