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New Z Style Dvd!!!

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Hey all.. Just thought that the community should know, I have completed the much anticipated East Coast Z Style DVD.. Check out the site..



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you can put a link to your website in your profile..
Just to keep it fresh in your memories... This DVD kicks AS#!
Racing at Atco Raceway Sunday, I can't wait!!! Add this to your video library..
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hey man hows it going. Havent talked to you in a while. hows the dvd sales going?

Sales are steady Z ya, would love to get more out to people though!
Yeah I bought it nicely done ansd sorta personal cuz my car is in there a few times, Loved the music too!

Thanks Len!
Thanks Max! Everyone should have a copy..
Look for the ad in sport z mag as well!
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I own the DVD and enjoyed it very much.
My Z is also in it
<span style="color:darkblue">That's cool that you're in it El.
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Do I smell FREE copies for all the moderators????*cough cough*
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DAKING you ar trippin! 20 bucks a pop boyeeee.. Hooters chicks are cool...
you know what I'm talkin about..
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Wait till you guys get your eyes on what's being filmed next!!!!! Sworn to silence but it's ridiculous! Anyway volume 1 , I believe is a must own.. Volume 2 is in the makin....

Come to Raceway Park on the 3rd and 4th (mostly the 3rd) and bring your camera!!I got some **** for you!!
I have the DVD and it is well laid out and fun to watch. I can't wait for vol #2 with hopefully even more action than the first one! Plus you should get more video footage instead of just pics. Just my .02
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