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Hello, guys! We are happy to announce that a new season of CARiD video reviews has officially started! For the first time, we've collaborated with Mickbeth, who we also are going to sponsor.

In this video, Greg and Mickbeth are working together to get her Nissan 350Z ready for some serious action on the track. To achieve this goal, they are installing a set of front and rear adjustable Whiteline sway bars. They dramatically improve the grip, handling, and performance of any ride. You also get improved tire wear as your tires stay flatter and more upright.

Whiteline Sway bars are manufactured using the finest grade Australian spring steel. They are powder coated and supplied with high-performance synthetic elastomer mounting bushes. Check the installation process and see the final result in our new video! Our partnership with Mickbeth has just begun, so follow on the news - more exciting content to come!

Whiteline® - Front and Rear Sway Bar Kit


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While this swaybar video was professionally done, it was lacking in specific technical advice for the DIYer. For example, it neglected to mention what socket sizes and torque values to use on the swaybar mounting bolts. This is critical information and I'm surprised that CarID would neglect including it or other DIY tips.

Here's one tip: I had to use a breaker bar to help me release some of the mounting bolts that were installed far beyond the factory specs on my pre-order '03 track model. Nissan certainly wanted to make sure that swaybar never fell off the car!
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