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New to the Z fam...

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Hey guys, I am new to the whole nissan and Z world, so I am defenitly going to be a newb here for a while. lol

Some background info on me:

First and only car was a 2002 Honda Civic Lx coupe auto..

I've busted my ass for 3 years to earn the money to get a better car and I think the 350z is going to be it, but im def getting it in a 6spd

I should be getting the z within the week, just waiting for it to be shipped to the dealer I ordered it from

I wanted a black stock 6spd z so i can work on it myself and add what i want and not the factory.

Any advice you could give of what i should do or what i should keep on eye on first would be appreciated. Please let me kno what performance parts you think i should concentrate on first

thanks again

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My advice is to keep hanging around this site and just read what others have done. As for mods, it all depends on how much you want to spend. The more you read, the more you learn (at least in my experience). Welcome to the club!

Know anybody with Z's in your area? Somebody here might be close to you and guide you to some meets.
<span style="color:darkblue">Welcome aboard.
My daily driver is a 99 Si, so I can tell you, the difference between your Civic and Z will be night and day. Enjoy. Be sure to check out the how to section</span>
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welcome!!! smooth said it perfect, it all depends on how much you want to spend. I know some people want to go all out and mod the **** out of the car and others only want to add an exhaust & intake
Hey Jon, welcome! Tell us your thoughts when you get the Z. I'm sure we'll all know the feeling.
Welcome Welcome and be sure to post pics of your baby when you get her! LOL Yeah it all depends upon how much $ you want to spend, weather you want show or go or both, and what you want to get out of your Z. I recommend researching a bit before you go modding, get things a little planned out. For instance if you are going to go FI or TT you want to plan your mods around that...
Yeah definitely make sure you know what you want in the end before you start or you'll end up wasting a lot of money. If you're looking to get big HP numbers then forced induction is the only way to go, and that will definitely impact what mods you should start with. Either way I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Welcome to the boards!
Welcome, Jon. You a much more motivated person than me. I don't save very well. Nice Job.
Hey welcome aboard. My advice is to read up on these boards and ask questions. It all depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend. The Z will already feel so much faster than your civic so you may even be content for a while with the stock Z. The sky is the limit with mods (well so is your pocketbook)
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thanks guys, i appreciate the help.
I will keep you posted

Hey Everyone! Another Newbie here!

I am from Delaware---practically all by myself I bet but I thought I'd check out the site and represent for my Z. I have a Silver one- it's a year old and there's so much to do to it...I'm just trying to weigh my options and all.

Okay, I will keep it short. Feel free to reach out!

Welcome and congrats!

You're not the only one in Delaware. I believe TrackZ03 is from there (or at least lives there) also. So is it a manual or auto? What trim?

I hope you enjoy it. I'm having nothing but great times in mine. The kids fight for rides, I enjoy the ride everyday, I love detailing it, and I will be buried in it (so says my wife).

Anyway, happy driving!
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Yeah, I was peeking around the site and saw someone from Wilmington...I gotta catch up with him.
Anyhow, it's silver and black. I wish you lived closer since you like to could do both cars and have your heaven right here on earth!!

I do enjoy it, however, I didn't get the navigation system. I am seriously considering that right now. I'm in the midst of reading old posts to see who else is in the same situation-

Have a good one!
Hey Spoiled - Welcome

Yeah, I live in Wilmington - So glad to see another Delaware Z owner here. Seems to be rare!!!

Glad you joined the site! It's the best here!
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I think the entire population of Delaware is not registered here
LOL!! You are correct DiRN!
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