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Well.... I have a 68 Mustang that Im trying to sell and was looking for a new car. The Mustang was too much restoration for me to handle financially...As my early graduation gift my mom said shed help pay for a new car...she said $30,000 limit, needs warranty, etc...she basically wants it not to break down like the old stang

I initially looked at BMW's which I like, but too expensive for everything
I looked at the new Mustang but like other topics mentioned, theyre everywhere
GM's warranty blows
and then I remembered a friend of mine had a Z

well i talked to him at school and i told him all this; he seemed to think the Z was perfect
after looking I would agree... Ive always enjoyed the look... my shop teacher had two 240 z's

anyway, I wanted to know the common problems and any other advice you might have...I really look forward to getting my own Z! :shiftdrive:
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