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I recently purchased a base 350Z. After reading a few posts, I am doubting my decision to go with the base model. The lack of a limited slip differential is my main concern. Will this reduce the performance of my car, and is it worth the money to have one installed?? Thanks
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welcome to the forums. limited slips are available and factory backed through nissan. its probably cheaper to get the nismo one. i bought a base, and personally it was the right choice, no accessories i didnt want or need, heated seats, bose. and i dont plan on doing any serious drifting or drag racing so the limited slip isnt a concern of mine either. now i am being bias because ive never driven a 350 with lsd. but if you just bought it, trade it back and get the one with lsd.
Do you plan on driving your car hard? Do you plan on modding your car?

If either is yes, then it would be worth it to get an aftermarket LSD. It should perform better than a stock one..
Thanks for the advice. I am not planning on any serious road racing or mods. I just want to make sure if I need to fend off a would be competitor, there would be no concerns about the lsd. Thanks again.
ummm... whats does LSD do?? i have an 05 base. and yes i drive hard, whats some good aftermarket LSD's?
<span style="color:darkblue">A good place to find out all about LSDs is How Stuff Works link

Basically, when one wheel spins faster than the other, the LSD kicks in and helps out with that. This is especially good around curves as it will allow you to accelerate better</span>
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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