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New owner in CT

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Hi, I just bought a brand new Z from RI last Monday. The car I bought is an 04 left-over Enth. model with 12 miles on it. The car is very nice except the ride is very very harsh. I have no problems with my car with the exception of this thing with the dealer where my car CAME DAMAGED. I didnt see it until four days after delivery. I called them a letter and sent them a letter demanding my car to be fixed. If they dont call me back by next week, I am going to send a letter out to Nissan Care, attorney general and find a lawyer.
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:welcome: and i am sorry to hear about the damage to it.
Here it is, the Miata is mine too (for sale)


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nice!! looks like she might be a bit cold sitting outside :biggrin:
Welcome and congrats on the new car. Its going to be a rougher ride though. Its a sports car so it can be expected.
haha it's funny that I told my gf i was buying a car that is more comfortable (the miata is bumpy). When I got the Z, it's not that much better than what I had.

Cold? I was washing my car, the water froze as it hit the car
dang sounds pretty cold, im here in FL with the warm sun :biggrin:
Don't get me started, drove to my gf's house, was stuck in her apartment complex for 3 days because she lives in a valley. Both exits are on a hill, teh Z couldnt get it up. At 600 miles, I already had to call AAA to drag me out of the apartment complex
Congrats on the purchase!!!!!!!!! What kind of damage did it have coming from the dealer??????????????????????? that sucks!!!! :welcome: to the family!!! :wavey:
Now you just have to convince your girlfriend that Eibach's Pro-kit is better for the ride. No, seriously. It is. It makes it less bumpy and less bouncy, especially on the interstate.

:welcome: to the family!

What exactly was damaged on your poor baby?
Stupid dealer!!!!

I am going to keep my car stock for a while, I will build a cheap Miata, MR2 or 240sx for autoxing/tracking/snow racing in stock class


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Ouch! They gonna do anything about it? What's that blemish next to the rear turn signal? Did they do that too?
yup all from the dealer, it looks like all the damages were done in one hit. It looks like it hit a pole or something or maybe a big sharp bumper.

I sent them a letter and phone calls since Monday, havent heard back from them. I will make sure I take my revenege when the survey comes in since they care so much about it.
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