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Well I knew it would happen after my 11.8's a few weeks ago.. I raced yesterday at the Import survival series at Raceway park and got into the 3rd round of eliminations and then missed fourth... But during that process, managed to pull at 11.67 during my first run... I had 5 11 sec passes yesterday and the car felt great... Just to inform everyone of my setup again, I am running the APS TT @ 9lbs, Injen exhaust, Xerd cat pipes, and a UR crank pulley... Tires are MT ET Streets- 26x10.5x15...
Here is the slip...


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1 more time..


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:OMG: Wow...congratulations!
well don't know why i can't post... anyway.. here is the slip...
60'- 1.728
330- 4.901
1/8- 7.528
mph- 93.34
1000- 9.781
1/4- 11.676
mph- 118.84


+1. :clap: That's an awesome run!
Wow That is awesome! Nice to break the 10's! :wink: :chorusline:
Nice slip!
I need a whistling smilie here! That's sweet! What a thrill it must be. Congrats! :clap:
We have a thread for such things Smooth :wink:
Nice to break the 10's! wink.gif
Some of the Southern Cal Z32 guys have been doing amazing runs lately. Last week 2 Z32's broke into the 10's with 10.1 and 10.6. I am waiting for someone to do 9's. :shiftdrive:
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