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New Jersey Folks

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Well- I saw this part of the site and didn't see any notes in it.
I figured I would start it.

Jersey Shore Checking in :shiftdrive:
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Work in Burlington NJ. Live on the PA side though. We are a lonely bunch it seems!

Vernon, Nj most the time down by wayne / paterson area. We arnt really lonely lol there are a lot of Z owners around North NJ but most of the drivers are old / business men use the car for groceries or picking up stuff at Home-Depot. Ive seen one use his for Pizza Delivery sad i know
Live currently in Bridgwater, from the shore (Ocean County) Have any of you guys had you front windows tinted?? and hwo many tickets have you been given?
I work at a nissan dealer seen a few with tints but the only problem i see with them is that the window regulator / motor eats the tint then window wont function properly.
Been a while since i posted but im from Highland lakes NJ (usually seen around Rt.23 46 287 and 208)
Also on weekends im down South down in Wildwood NJ.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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