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New Indy Z Car Club Meeting Site

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New Indy Z Car Club Meeting Site and New Website!
We meet at a new location starting with the January 9th!! We are moving to:
Rusty Bucket
1130 West 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260
“The name of the meeting site and the condition of my S30 is purely coincidental”….
In other big news, we now have a new website up! Check it out!! The contact email address for the Z Board is [email protected]. The new site does not have a discussion forum, since it was a real problem with the spammers. This is an informational site only. As mentioned on the site, the Facebook site will be a source of the most current information. The website lists our 2014 meeting dates and the special Z events that are being planned. Check out the website and if you are in Indiana, please join us!
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