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A quick question for those of you in the know.
I am looking for a little more flexibility from my stereo and I have the dreaded Bose system in my 2004 Touring coupe.
I have the Alpine 9853 unit on the way with the Ipod adapter.

Can I replace the head unit and use the preamp outs on the new HU to go directly into the bose amp? Without using one of the many oem adapters on the market?

In looking at the schematics it looks like the factory sub amp recieves all of its audio signal from the Bose speaker amp, so I should not lose that functionality if I do it this way right?

Basically I just want to use my ipod and a better head unit, I know that someday I will want to upgrade the rest of the system and that is the easy part, gut it and go. But for now, my questions are how to best integrate this new HU and go.
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