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New Guy on the block

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Posting to let people know there is a new guy in here. I live in Mississippi and don't see many Zs in rural MS. Bought an Ultra Yellow Touring Roadster and can't stop going out to my garage to look at her and detail her constantly. I've owned many cars in my 39 years but I think this one is somehow special. I think it's even better than the 5 series BMW I had. Anyway, if there is anyone close by to the Memphis, TN/north MS area let me know. I'll be looking hard for individuals that can customize my Z. Not looking to modify the engine but a few exterior and interior items would be cool. Have a good day and keep the quality info coming.

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:welcome: Congrats on the Z.
Welcome! I'm sure you'll find someone in your area. May I suggest you post in the regional section to see if anyone speaks up?

Also, the more you visit the site, the better your chances of finding another local Z enthusiast and/or shop that can help you out.

Enjoy the drive!
Welcome to the world of Z...high praise comparing the Z to the 5 series.

Since you're in TN you should check the ZDayZ event thread...the event is being held not too far from you in late May.

Info here:

+1 Would love to see a Yellow Vert in the line up.
Thanks guys. Just the info I needed.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your Z! Plenty of knowledgeable folks here so feel free to ask questions.
:welcome: Another BMW convert! I also love my new Z. Traded my 2002 X5 4.4i for it and I don't even miss her with all the fun I've been having! I love the yellow roadster BTW, beautiful car.
welcome to the forum :cheers:
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