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New Guy...Intake Setup

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Hey guys, I have done probably an hour or two on research for intakes for my '04 Z. I have come to the conclusion that I'm gonna get the JWT Pop-Charger, but i want a cleaner looking intake pipe, prefereably red to match my hose/wire covers and exterior color. Do you guys know where i can find one of these, it doesn't matter if it has the integrated MAF or not, but I would prefer that it does. Thanks in advance guys.
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:welcome: Bullitt! Well I am not a guy but I bumped up a topic for you click here The owners of the site were selling something like you are describing, I think it comes in different finishes too, I know they had a carbon fiber one. Hopefully they will see the thread bump and respond. You might want to search the homepage for a link...I recall there being one at one time. Hope that helped! :wavey:
LOL sorry to be sexist :doh: ...not intentional! I'm gonna try to get in contact with PNP to see if they make a painted one, if not...I'll figure something out. Thanks again :yourock:
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