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Hello everyone!

I'm new here to this forum and have always had an interest in rear wheel drive Nissans/Infinities (510s, 300zx, Gs, Zs, 240s). Been thinking about eventually picking up a 350Z and am learning a lot from you guys. At this moment I own a 1992 Volvo 240 sedan. It's pushing about 17psi with H20 injection, ported exhaust manifold, 60trim T3, 2.3 liter w/9.8:1 compression, RX-7 oil cooler, urethane bushings, adjustable panhard rod, sways, 3.5"downpipe/3.0" exhaust side exit Magna Flow exhaust, etc.... I'm assuming about 230whp and 280wtq and ALL work done by myself. Definitely a fun sleeper :irock: I do have some turbo knowledge and lots of experience under the hood of many cars. I hope my experiences will become a valuable asset to many of you. Thanks!

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