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New Crawford Cast Aluminum Plenum

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See this link for info on pricing, availability, etc.
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nice :).. So no core exchange?? That is a really good deal...
any pics of their strut bar that is required? $500 is what I was hoping to spend on the APS plenum w/ their high rise strut bar but this is actually going to be available soon and there are actual pictures of the product....I may just have to buy this:)
Pic of strut bar and modified engine cover with earlier version of plenum added to link.

nice.. the inside looks smoother than the stock unit..
Due to a technical glitch, the site with the pics is temporarily unavailable. It should be back up shortly.

This post was made at 6:15 AM Central Time on Jan 20.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but please check back:
See pics here until link above is working:

What is the advantage of the Crawford intake plenum over the stock plenum used on the Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 and FX35?

The stock plenum, due to the slope towards the front, which Nissan designed to clear the stock strut bar on the 350Z, restricts the airflow to the front cylinders. Our design raises the front of the plenum as shown in the picture below, allowing more surface area and greater, equalized airflow to all cylinders. Greater airflow equals more power. On average, our plenum produces an increase of 9 hp at the original peak, and a solid 17-20 hp at redline.
What is the difference between this new cast plenum and the one we have offered for the last two years?

This is a solid, one-piece cast aluminum piece, not a reconfigured, welded stock plenum. The basic design is identical to our earlier versions. The advantages are that we do not require you to send in your original plenum as a core to be rebuilt, so you can keep it without a core charge. This plenum, like our earlier versions, will work with both normally aspirated and forced induction (turbo or supercharged) cars, due to the inherent strength of the all aluminum construction. Plus, it is a simple bolt-on modification that anyone can install with basic hand tools, generally in well under one hour.
What type finish is available?

All plenums will be powder coated with a black "crinkle" finish as shown below.
Can I use my factory 350Z front strut bar with this plenum?

No, it will not clear the front of the plenum due to the increased height. However, we do offer our own strut bar that fits in front of the plenum for $150 plus shipping. It is a straight aluminum rod connected by adjustable heim joints to powdercoated steel flanges and it comes with all hardware required for a simple bolt-on installation. Our tests indicate greater strength than the factory bar due to the fact that the factory bar is not straight (it is "pre-bent"). See picture below for an installed front bar.

NOTE: Strut bar will NOT fit the G35 or FX35, neither of which come with a stock bar.

Strut Bar Price: $150 plus shipping
Can I use my stock, plastic engine cover with your plenum?

Yes, with some cutting, it can be used. Many have used a Dremel tool to cut the cover to fit.
When will the cast plenum be available, and what will it cost?

We expect to have the inventory on-hand to begin shipping these no later than mid to late February 2005.

We will be taking names to put on our list on a first-come, first-shipped basis.

We will not charge your credit card until your plenum is shipped to you.

The introductory price will be $350 plus shipping.
(Shipping costs generally are less than $20 in the U.S. for 3-5 day UPS Ground Service).

Crawford Z Car Service
1622 State Street, Nashville, TN 37203
[email protected]
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Stock Removal

Stock & Crawford

Stock & Crawford Again

Crawford Install 1

Crawford Install 2

Installed 1

Installed 2
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Website with pics and info back online.

Thanks for your patience!
The end of the introductory pricing of $350 plus shipping has been officially set as Friday, Feb. 4, 2005.

Orders placed after February 4 will be at $395 plus shipping.

To order, contact Crawford Z Car Service via email anytime at [email protected] -
(please supply your name, ship to address and phone #)
or by phone during the week at 615-327-4159.

See for details.

We had our club meeting at Crawford Z Car tonight and it was like being a kid in a candy store there were plenums everywhere. :OMG:
Any extras that they are willing to sell? I'm interested.
I can't wait to get mine!!

Anyone get theres lately and installed it yet? Pics? Give it up! I know the rest of the country is warm enough for a mod session...

I'd post up pics of mine, but it's already all over the net :lmfao: :rolf2: :lmfao:
:party: :chorusline: :wave: :clap:

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:OMG: :OMG: :OMG: Dave when did that happen? So much stuff I missed while I was away!!!! :helpsmilie:

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