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Me and the wife are thinking about getting a 2006 350Z. Here are some issues we're pondering:

Depending on what cars are on the lot at a particular dealership, some cars may have 10 miles on them and some cars may have 250, 500 or so miles on them and they're all being sold as new cars. At what mileage point do you start worrying about your "new" car?

Along the same lines, if there is a break-in procedure and you buy a "new" car off the lot that has 200 miles on it, how can you be certain that break-in guidelines have been followed?

I ask this because we tried to purchase a 2006 350Z and when we asked the mileage on the car we were told it had 284 miles on the odometer. This was confirmed when we test drove it. I figure that's roughly 5 or 6 hours of drive time. How do we know how the car was treated during that time? Should we expect a discount because of the mileage?

Does anybody feel uneasy buying a $30K car that has 200+ miles on the odometer?

What's reasonable here?


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