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Need Help!

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Today i was trying to replace the stock rear turn signal bulb with the Evostyle silver bulbs and when I put it back into the lens the bulb popped out on fell into the clear lens, now I tried for 2 hours and I can't get the bulb out, is there any way to get the bulb out without having to take the whole rear bumper off?
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oo i have no idea about this one. is there any way to put a piece of tape on the end of something ( coat hanger) and try to make the bulb stick to the tape?
there are only a few screws that hold on the turn signal/reverse light housing in place, if you can get to those(depends on how big your hands are) you should be able to just pull it out, and retrieve the bulb. Did you take your tail lights off to get to the bulbs?
yes, i took the 3 screws out and popped out the tail lights
ok I got it out. Pep boys has this fexiable claw type thing, it is like the mechanics magnet but you push the top of it and it opens a claw to grab things, so I used that and it worked , best $4.00 I spent on this car.
i also have a question how do i get the turn signal cover off without taking the whole bumper off?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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