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I need help knowing how to remove the center console on an automatic. I have removed the silver ring around the shifter and the screw beneath the change holder (I think that is what that little storage are is for) and I have removed the two screws at the back of the console on the bottom behind the seats (well sorta behind the seats). Now what do I do? Do I just pull up the part around the shifter or are there some screws I'm missing?
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To get the part around the shifter off, you don't need to remove any screws. You already got the ring off, which is the first step. I found that the best way to get it off was to then use a thin flathead to pry open the end of that piece closest to the ashtray (change holder), and then press in on the sides while pushing it up.
I think I got it thanks. I'll post a reply if I have any more questions. Thanks for the SPEEDY response. (Have a date tonight and wanted the DVD to be ready to watch while we ride
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Originally posted by 350z@Jul 16 2004, 07:54 PM
look in the how tos at the radio install for that!!

That doesn't work for sh!tty-matics, only standards
maybe someone should write a how-to on this
Is that some sort of hint? Haha. I'll see if I can get some pics this weekend
I had a few minutes this morning, so I started taking some pics. I'll try to finish up later
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