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I am out here in fresno cali and am looking for some friends that have Z's that would like to go driving or have a rally down to L.A., Pismo, or San Diego. Let me know if your in the area and want to meet up. Im a 20 year fresno state college student that just broke up with my girl for 3 years and need o get out of this town. Just hit me up.
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I'm an oldfrt in the Bay Area if you ever drive north....Want to put (young) Wifey in the car, drive down & see that baby great white in Monterey one a deez daze...

Up for any car stuff here there or in between....I have a 2 car detatched garage chock full of CAR stuff. Got a '69 Camaro, '67 Nova LS-1 project, 87 mits starion, 72 chevy truck, & '03Z33, natch.


Sam 510-684-6494
Hey, I'd be interested. I live in Santa Barbara. It might be a little hard for me though. I primarily work on weekends.... :(
As soon as I get more people that want to do it I will set it up. Theres gatta be more people in cali that can take a weekend off and have some fun.
Come up some Saturday & visit the guys @ Weapon-R.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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