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N/A Question for you 350z gurus

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I'm looking into purchasing a new vehicle, and the 350z is the only car that appeals to me. I've got a few questions, as I've never researched this car before, and i honestly can't find the answers to all my questions by searching.

What kind of power does it put to the wheels, 100% stock. How much does it weigh?

What kind of differential does the car have?

What can I expect to pay for an 03, 04, or 05?

Any major problems with the older models that I should be aware of. Also, any differences in the years. I tried asking a salesman the differences, but he didn't answer me with a real answer.

Also... What kind of power can I expect to net with an intake, headers, exhaust, test pipe(s?), and a set of more aggressive cams with keeping the stock redline?

What piggybacks are out for the car?

Thanks for any help you guys offer.
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30k for an 05? i knew it!

I went to the dealer a few days ago, and they had a 03 leftover brand new for 34k... I was just like... oo....k.... and slowly walked to the infinity dealership where my friend works, and is willing to give me a fully decked out g35 with the touring package, aerokit, and navigation for 36

All I want, is LSD, 6spd, and Black. I'm going to use it as a track car, so the wheels and brakes are already out the window.

How have other users faired with using afc's on the 350's?
I'm looking for an enthusiast trim. LSD is a must.
Originally posted by DiRN@Aug 27 2004, 06:27 PM
You wouldn't get a Base and then add an LSD?  The Enthusiast carries with it a heavier rearviewmirror, heavier pedals, cruise control, and traction control

Why spend 800 dollars on a good differential when I can just get the stock 1 with a warranty?
Ok, big question now, will I be able to find a 05 black/black 6spd enthusiast model for 30k?
Edit, and just so you guys know, I already have planned for what aftermarket things are going on the car
bronze te37's wrapped in azenis or an A-compound competition tire
whatever the best intake that's out, if nothing is out to my liking, just a k&n
most likely the greddy evo2 exhaust
new fd wouldn't come about until next year, and maybe a cf front splitter.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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