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N/A Question for you 350z gurus

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I'm looking into purchasing a new vehicle, and the 350z is the only car that appeals to me. I've got a few questions, as I've never researched this car before, and i honestly can't find the answers to all my questions by searching.

What kind of power does it put to the wheels, 100% stock. How much does it weigh?

What kind of differential does the car have?

What can I expect to pay for an 03, 04, or 05?

Any major problems with the older models that I should be aware of. Also, any differences in the years. I tried asking a salesman the differences, but he didn't answer me with a real answer.

Also... What kind of power can I expect to net with an intake, headers, exhaust, test pipe(s?), and a set of more aggressive cams with keeping the stock redline?

What piggybacks are out for the car?

Thanks for any help you guys offer.
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Most people are dynoing at 240 - 244rwhp. It weighs about 3200 lbs. , it depends on the model and tranny you get to change that weight.

LSD for every model besides Base.

03 - 22 - 23k for mint Z, 04 - 26-28k for mint, and 30k for 05 new.

Major problems for 2003 and early 04's, window grease, tire feathering, mid to late 04's and all 05's won't have any problems.

I'd say 30hp with all of those mods, it depends.

Technosquare has a reflash, the ECU department is pretty limited right now.
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