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N/A Question for you 350z gurus

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I'm looking into purchasing a new vehicle, and the 350z is the only car that appeals to me. I've got a few questions, as I've never researched this car before, and i honestly can't find the answers to all my questions by searching.

What kind of power does it put to the wheels, 100% stock. How much does it weigh?

What kind of differential does the car have?

What can I expect to pay for an 03, 04, or 05?

Any major problems with the older models that I should be aware of. Also, any differences in the years. I tried asking a salesman the differences, but he didn't answer me with a real answer.

Also... What kind of power can I expect to net with an intake, headers, exhaust, test pipe(s?), and a set of more aggressive cams with keeping the stock redline?

What piggybacks are out for the car?

Thanks for any help you guys offer.
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<span style="color:darkblue">The power to the wheels will vary based on your transmission. Expect, I believe 230 - 240 for a manual, and a little less for an automatic.

All the trims weigh roughly the same, somewhere around 3200. What you pay depends on the trim you select. And as far as what you pay used, mileage can greatly affect that. Check for an idea.

Not too much has changed between 2003 and 2004.5. There were a few minor cosmetic changes to the interior. And I believe the 2004.5 models have a different suspension than the 2003s and 2004s. nissan350ztt is jumping the gun a little bit. There's no real way of knowing what problems the 05s might have since they aren't available yet.

But he is right about the gains with all those mods. The 350Z is already pushing the VQ pretty close to it's NA limits. The only way to notice significant gains will be to go with FI.

Technosquare is the only company current offering a ECU (reflash). There are a couple of companies offering EMSs, but there isn't much out there yet.</span>
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He had an 03 leftover? Are you sure it wasn't an 04? If it was an 04, the Enthusiast Roadster, Touring, Touring Roadster, and Track models all cost around or above $34k.
Seriously? That's insane. Were the dealer demos or something?
Another thing, if all you're looking for is a track car, get the Enthusiast trim. Or, you could get the Base trim to save a few extra pounds and then add in an aftermarket LSD, like the Nismo.
You wouldn't get a Base and then add an LSD? The Enthusiast carries with it a heavier rearviewmirror, heavier pedals, cruise control, and traction control
Sometimes people prefer the aftermarket LSD to the stock one, you save money, and you save weight.

I imagine that since this will be a track car, you aren't going to keep it 100% stock, so you'll already be voiding parts of your warranty
Well, since they're not out right now, no. But when they come out, you should have no problem finding one in the $29-30k range.
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