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My z won’t pass 2000rpms

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Okay so at first it was having trouble starting. It made a weird noise not like an electricity problem. After a while it stopped passing 3000rpms and now it’s having trouble accelerating, it won’t pass 2000rpms and makes a lot of noises from the exhaust like if it wants to break. I changed the spark plugs, throttle body, the Solenoids, and fuel pump. the codes it’s throwing are P1111, P0340, P1564, P0327. I think it’s the mass air flow sensor but I’m not sure, let me know what u guys think !!
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Welcome and sorry to hear about your multiple issues. It would help to know what kind of Z you have (model and year), together with some background info (mileage, service history, etc). Some problems might be related, but it sounds like you've got multiple problems going on at the same time. For example, P1564 is a steering control switch issue which might occur when the steering lock is removed or damaged. Other codes may indicate some issues with the ECM (engine control module), or the wiring that connects it into the car.
Any updates on what happened to this Z?
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