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my z is leaking water, nissan cant fix

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my 2 month old brand new 2005 z leaks water on the drivers side. this is the second time my car has been up at the service center. they have replaced everything on the door and it still leaks. They have ordered a rubber seal to replace , it should be here monday. This will be the third one of them they put on. It stops it from leaking for about a week. The nissan district manager was their today to see my car and he told me if it leaks this time they would fly a nissan engineer down to fix my car. He said they may do a 05 recall because of my car, who knows. I think if it leaks this time I'm going to request a new car or get a lawyer to get me a new one cause of the lemon law. I'm just so pissed off, i had plans this weekend and I half to drive a rental car. I feel like I'm stuck paying for something I cant even drive.
This was my first z car and i am regretting buying it.
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i wonder if this has anything to do with the window streaks on 03 models? doubtful, but they may have changed something..

Dont regret the Z.. This is the first time I have heard of this issue and I have had my z since they were released (well i have had 2 actually)
The guy at the dealer said he had never had a z to leak. It just sux I cant have it to drive. It is leaking down the side of the door and coming into the floor board.
I think nissan should reimburse me my car payment for this month since its their fault.
almost 3 months old and 2 thousand miles on it and look at all my troubles. Every time it rains I have had to take it back and they told me it was fixed..
I love my car and I love the 350z's but all of this has made me regret my purchase.
Since when do Nissan care about their customers? They ignored my phone calls, I have a case pending with the BBB with them. Bring your shop to the car 3 times and just file a case immediately. I love my Z too, but Nissan cant build for crap. They are like Japanese Ford
I called just to "let them know" that I had to have my CD player replaced twice because it eats/destroys my cds from time to time.

They said thanks.


Plus the fact that for the first 6 months that I owned my car my rear washer leaked! It was in the shop about 5 times for that!

Mine leaks too. It's an 03. Both doors and right down the speakers on both sides. I had a horrible time with Nissan when my headlights were messed up. I had to call who knows how many times. They said they'd never heard of that problem. There was another post on this sight about leaking doors. If you get an attorney, it may help to print all the posts that report leaking doors so Nissan doesn't pull that "we've never heard of that problem" crap again. When I tried to get mine fixed, they told me the doors needed adjustment. I still love my Z though!
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