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My Race

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What do you think of my drag wheels??


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Nice Daking! Have you gone to the track with them yet? I know you had problems with that last set of slicks you had.
That was those slicks...I since had them balanced and I think the wind had to do with it..I will see on WED!!!
Awesome man. I had seen that vid when you had come close to losing it. Cant wait to see the results this wednesday. Good luck!
look at them cute little tires
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are you on stock clutch? and what is the size offset or backspacing for the fronts?

Are you still running the whack stock staggered tire sizes or did you find a combo of equal sized fronts and rears???
Them sure is big donuts on there. What are those, 13" wheels. LOL
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I wanna find a good set of 15's for autox, too bad there seems to be almost no market for anything less than 17's : /

Stupid people and their bling.
I think you guys are a little confused..These wheels are for drag racing..15x5" in the front and 15x9 in the rear with slicks!!
Nice, now you can hopefully pull into the low 12's. One question... How much?
Already in the low 12's
looking for the 11's.....
Cost was $300 for the rears with a set of old slicks on them from Ebay...Front $300 and free tires from my friends shop..
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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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