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My new z

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Here are some pictures of my new 2005 touring model Z. I had a nissan sentra for several years and I decided to finally get my dream car. I have had a couple of problems with my z since I got it a few weeks ago, it was leaking water in both doors, but the dealer replaced the rubber moding and now it has stopped. I was very disappointed after it rained and I went to get in my car and the floor board was wet on both sides ughh bad luck huh. Also the floor mat is wearing out already, i would like to get some with the rubber heel guard if I new where to get them. I have only done one mod I got the z center caps for my wheels from courtesy nissan parts to replace the nissan center caps. Anyways tell me what you think of these pictures I took them today after I washed and waxed...

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:welcome: from another PPW owner! :werd: I have a Touring also. I have the same exact wheels, too. Only thing I don't have is the spoiler, but someday that will change.
PPW is the color in my opinion. Welcome and good luck!

I had the same problem with floor mats, drivers side heel area is not good, I was surprised because all my other Nissan's were stick and did not have such a problem. Got an extra set for when I go to shows!

what is the 2 adjust wheels on your drivers seat - I only have 1 on my 03?
Starting in 2004½ (production dates after... maybe Nov/03 the seats came with two adjustment adjusts the height of the front of the seat...the other the adjusts the rear I think. My '04 only has one wheel...production date 7/03.
:beer: :welcome:
One of the knobs raises up the whole bottom seat and the other knob raises up the back of the bottom part.
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