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My New Naked Rear End!!!

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I just got My Z Back from the bodyshop getting my Nismo Spoiler installed. I had them Shave the rear emblem and debadge it. What do you all think....

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I think it looks real clean, but maybe because it's a white car it seems that it needs somethin back there. Its just a little too bare, and I think its cause of the color.

Maybe a NISMO decal on the lower right side?
Here's is mine. Just did it two weeks ago. I don't think it's the color, when I gad all the badges off mine, it looked too plain as well, looks awesome with just the Z hamburger emblem, IMO.


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That looks good, IMHO. Some people find it very necessary to shave off the emblem. I just don't see the need - unless you're upgrading to the Z emblem. :wavey:

To each his/her own, I suppose. :doh:

However, I don't see anybody shaving off their Porsche emblems. :headshake:
Yeah I was having my OEM spoiler holes filled so I told them to fill the Nissan Emblem holes on the Trunk Lid as well (Coupe Only). I had the Hamburger on the back...looked good And I have a Nismo S-Tune emblem as well but I think its too Small So Ive decided to leave it Clean for now...
how much did u get charged for having the hjoles filled?

It was pretty cheap...I think it was like 50 bucks BUT....I was already having the rear lid repainted because I was Having the Nismo Spoiler painted and Installed. The wanted to Paint the lid as well #1 so the spoiler didnt look like the paint didnt match... and #2 because I wanted the Holes filled. So to answer the question I can see it costing more than 250-300 dollars to have the rear Nissan emblem holes filled and the entire Rear lid repainted. Make sure they weld the holes too... Bondo or filler on a metal surface doesnt work to well I guess plus having the Holes Welded ensures no problems later on.
thx coastie i am looking to do this as well since i want to install a new spoiler!
I think it looks awesome naked!

"I like my cars like I like my women...shaven."
I like my cars like I like my women.. fast, hot, and with a lot of aftermarket plastic on them!

Most definetly....I see it everyday down here in South Florida (miami mostly) AND I LOVE IT!!!! :jawdrop: :boobies: :drool:
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