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Just thought I'd share some of my pics and a couple of my mods with you guys.

my baby

You cant tell, but ive changed pads, rotors, brake lines to stainless steel, and fluid:

my interior:
i love this seating position, aided by the adjustable headrests. its nice for longer distance/medium speed drives. otherwise i sit more upright. BTW in the background you can see god's chariot, my daily driver. i will race anything in that beast :lmfao:

as you can see i have a 7in touch screen. on the screen is winamp playing music. you can see albums on left pane, and the songs in the album on the right. ive also done the double din mod, and you can see the head unit below. sound wise, the computer drives an external sound card, which then feeds into the alpine which goes to the amps and speakers/sub. so far, im very satisfied with my setup, despite the G not being the best SQ platform.

i also have a dvd-rw and usb ports easily accessible but do not have pics. the usb ports turned out to be surprisingly useful... also, you might notice a lack of controls. Although I have a keyboard (pics below), i really only use my steering wheel controls, which ive tied into winamp for picking playlists and songs within the playlists. the streering wheel controls also let me switch between apps and control other apps. so for instance i can switch between showing diagnostics and showing winamp at 100mph. not that ive ever done it, but...

[attachmentid=16313] playing a music video. i actually dont do this very often anymore. here the video is windowed but i could also have it fullscreened by touching the video image twice.

the computer is connected to diagnostics here. there's a full table of things that i can monitor, but in this shot im only showing the vehicle and engine speeds. i can also show timing, intake air temp, error codes, and more. the udpate rate isnt as good as nissan's own diagnostics but it definitely does the job of letting you know what's going on. plus you can start/stop recordings of the data for later analysis. also useful is the ability to reset the check engine light on screen. fortunately i only had to do it once (it was triggered after installing the system)

this gives some idea of the view and feeling of where everything sits in real life

i also have an emulator with every snes game ever made installed...

bluetooth folding keyboard and rf controller

keyboard folded up, controller again

my daily driver aka God's Chariot :lmfao: and my baby. because the weather's been so nice lately ive started to lose track of which is the daily driver.

Anyway, that's all for now :)


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cool G! Love the touch screen! Glad to see anotther G on the board.

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thanks again for the comments guys


i dont know if you have a z or g, but most of the install is very specific to my 04 G, including the way i did a lot of the wiring, the way i interface with the car, the screen mounting, etc.

to answer your questions though,
i did custom wiring on the steering wheel controls at the harness. i dont have the info in front of me, but you can build a circuit to interface steering wheel controls into a game port. from there you will need a 3rd party application to interface into programs. if you would like i can get all the info you need on it.

as far as the mounting goes, a guy on the g35 forums (see the av section at g35driver) made a DIY kit that includes the frame and some plexiglass. you put it together and it allows you to put a display in the frame and for the frame/lcd to fold out of the top pocket.

the kit is pretty good in the sense that it gives you a relatively easy way of mounting the screen.. but it was a lot of work. there were a number of problems... here were three big ones:

1. the top pocket folds down by itself, so it must be held up for the lcd to stay up when you want it to. the original kit used magnets to hold the two together. that didnt work for me for some reason, and my screen fell more than once (very, VERY bad). i solved this by switching to velcro. it sounds ghetto but you cant see the velco from any angle and its very effective. where i live its 75-90 degrees year round... but this solution has been outstanding.

2. the flex cable that connects the lcd panel to the lcd controller is fragile and disconnects easily. i havent figured out the best solution to this.. tape has worked for me but in a hot environment it doesnt work so well. fortunately it hasnt been a problem for a long time and my setup has been very reliable. mounting tape is probably the best fix for this if its really an issue for you. just be sure you get it right on the first application......

3. the screen, when it folds inward, doesnt rest that well on inner components. i made my own stops from rubber grummets.

i mentioned these issues to him and sent him pics of my solutions but i never saw them posted or mentioend anywhere. i think he doesnt like me because i pestered him about express mailing me everything :poke:

anyway if you have any other questions or need help just let me know i can point you in specific directions.
*edit- i meant to say i *can* point you in specific directions

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Very NICE pm'd you
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