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My first!

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Went to my local car club weekly meeting tonight and a SB pulled in and parked next to me. Nice car.
He's got the Nismo wheels, Nismo wing, Injen SES and CAI, and I believe Kinetix test pipes. Anyway, I knew he was itching to see who pulls who, so we talked for a while (I gave him a Spotted card cuz he's on Motoring) and finally I had to go.

It was a perfect setting. We tested each other out from a couple of lights and finally got poll positions at a huge & busy intersection (I can hear the coliseum fans roaring now). :goodtimes: Now for a little scenery: There's a new McD's that a lot of ricers hang out, so I knew that they would be witness to a Z shootout at WOT.

The other guy, Blake, launches very well no thanks to the wheel and tire setup, and gets ahead immediately. I was at his bumper as we roared past McD's and he was gaining on me (**** stock wheels & tires
) until we slowed down for the next light even though it was green. Cops around here are Nazis.

Anyway, we pulled into my gas station (I say mine because I always fill up there since it's only 2 blocks from my house) and he told me that made his night since that might have been his first time racing another 350. My adrenaline was rushing, so I know I was stoked about it, too.

I hope we see this guy around on this site soon. He's a race freak!
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yeah wrecks okay

glad you had fun though...I know it's hard not to resist a good old fashion road challenge!
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As my 2-year old son would say, "I be careful."

I made sure that I was comfortable with the scene before I was going to have some fun. It was perfect, IMO. We only ran for 1 city block.
<span style="color:darkblue">I never get to have a go with a Z
Only one time, but that was more of a follow me through very, very, very light traffic. Anyone who might think I was being stupid, a cop watched it and just let us go. If at any point in time I'd've had to cut off a car or something else stupid to continue, I would've stopped</span>
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Its always fun racing a fellow Z. Me and conceyted are always playing around racing. The other night we are at a light next to each other and the we heard the people next to me say "look they are going to race!" We hadnt planned on it but we decided to give them a show.
LOL You guys just be careful street racing, don't want to lose a member here.....
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