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My 350Z is Totalled

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My 350Z was totalled at the racetrack about 6 weeks ago. It took this long for my insurance co. to agree to treat it as a total loss.

I kept all the original parts, and am going to remove all the undamaged mods and sell them, and put the original engine, suspension, etc. parts back on the wreck before I give it back to my ins. co.

I am planning to do this as an auction on e-bay, although I haven't set up an account there yet. I think pretty much all the mods are salvageable except the Borla true dual exhaust, which was crushed. You can see my list of mods under my signature. The 350EVO 3.9 final drive ratio (ring & pinion) are still brand new in the box. The ECU flash cannot be removed from the car. It's gonna cost a lot of labor to remove the Nismo S-tune cams and limited slip differential, and replace the stock ones, so I may not do it.

I am not buying another 350Z. If I was, I would just keep the mods and put them on the new Z.

It will take at least a week to pull the parts off the car and get things organized. Stay tuned.


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that is a true bummer RIchard. sucks you are losing the Z. If i was into a bit more monay and not saving up for my PCS (Permanent Change of Station) move to Tennesee i would be making a few offers
that was just wrong.
ok, i will reopen this thread. but if anymore crap like that picture gets posted in this thread, it stays closed and you will have to check out Ebay for the rest of it
Originally posted by SmoothZ@Oct 5 2004, 09:21 AM
Childish...why would someone wish that?  Or make a comment like 'owned' on a wrecked Z or car or person for that matter?

someone that did it to deliberately attempt to start something
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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