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Of course all 3 were when I was in the truck w/ Doug (and one in another car we were driving). How come I never see any Z's around here when I am driving Lucy???

1. The same DB Z driver, blonde, getting off at the Monroeville exit off of 76E 10/07/04 530pm. All stock Z, front wheels were REALLY dirty (sorry) and some cartoon character thing on the antenna....

2. BRICKYARD!!! All stock, man driver, murrysville on the road right behind the giant eagle on 22. 6:30pm we were in a black sedan.

3. CS Z on Buela road, turned onto Wm Penn Hwy at the [email protected] to 76W. I think I've seen this dude before.

:goodtimes: Why do you all hide from me when I am driving Lucy?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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