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this kill is dedicated to all my 350Z homeboys and home girls out there.

Coral Springs Florida...

i have a very dear friend of mine who actually kept on braging on how the G35 are much better cars than the Z.and how he has told me tons of differnt stories about so many car kills he has. he says he already beat:

CLK 430
and a lot more!!!

let me start to what modes he had on his car...

1- headers
2- high flow cats
3- planome
4- fly wheel
5- computer chip (techno)
6- stillen suspension
7- cold air intake
thats of what i know....

my Z is moded as following

1- headers
2- high flow cats
3- planome
4- cold air intake

here how it started

i got invited to dinner over to his house and he insisted on me driving me Z over instead of any other car. so we decided to go race to see who can beat the other. we got on this 45 mph road slowed down to 20 mph and we let the two cars loose. he actually got a slide lead on me with only his front end of the car a bit more than mine....1st gear, 2nd, 3rd he was still ahead with the same exact distance....and then the amazing thing happened as soon as the Z switches to 4th gear i noticed that the G35 was already on 5th!!! and the Z pulls up by one car , 2 and 3.....on a speed of 120 mph!!! it was amazing. :shiftdrive: :shiftdrive:

knowingly that he has almost 300 hp to the wheel!!!

2nd run was to make sure that the first run was not just a glitch! we went for a second run, and to his amazement i beat him again! and again and again :irock: :irock: :irock:
and then he came out of his car saying that he should have got a Z instead!!!! :OMG: :doh:

he basically lost all 4 times.... :yourock:

again this is dedicated to all my Z buddies out there :goodtimes: :cheers:

the list of kills keeps on growing day by day :clap: :clap: :clap: :lmfao: :rolf2:

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Good job bro! You can tell your friend that in case he was looking for the fastest car, he should have bought a civic and upgraded it to $h1t.

To some the slower G35 is still a better car than the Z, and others respect other qualities of a vehicle more and might choose the Z. IOW, beeting an M3 does not make our Zs better than them.... simply faster :lol:

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I think the G has less torque and more weight, so the Z does have an edge.

Good story!
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