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Com'on man...

So should it be twin or single?? I was told twin isnt the best cause of exhaust and etc...
IMO,don't plan on doing something unless you have the budget.

I agree with the post that FI is the only way to give you real HP.
Without knowing the condition of your Z(miles,engine shape,MT/AT etc).
it is difficult to give a real direction on your question.
Basically,a single turbo or Scharger will work on a stock motor.
You get into a dual turbo,engine internals need upgrading.

All in all,I suggest you research the $$$ needed to get this mod done
correctly. Like,do you have 10-15 or even 20k available?
Factor in the current value of your Z.
Does it make sense?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts