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It's pure and simple. I've done weeks of reading & research. I've concluded that the best bang for my buck is the JWT pop charger and the Helix test pipes.

Factors in my decision are price, ease of installation, sound and performance. I also feel like feeding more air into my engine should be complimented by a free flowing exhaust system. Therefore, removing the cats completely seems like a good start.

What do you guys think? Comments & suggestions are always welcome.


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i recommend getting resonated test pipes.. it will removed the tingy sound..

also, who told you that test pipes are easy to install? they are a pain in the ass, but doable..

I also agree that those 2 items are the best bang

good research!

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Even the Wife liked the JWT Pop. Just start the small screwholes in the plastic air box with a hot's hard to get a drill in there.

Test pipes will be next for me...would like to hear a few more guys sound off on the sound first.

What about throttle bodies? Anybody?...

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I wolud do exhaust & intake first. Then I think the best bang-for-the buck mod is thhe Crawford plenum. Here is my current set-up:

2003 Silverstone Track (NAV & all options except side airbags)
Competition wheels and tires: Nismo 5-spoke forged 18" x 18.5" front, 18" x 9.5" rear,
with Kuhmo Ecsta MX 245/40/18 front, 275/35/18 rear
Street wheels and tires: Stock Rays forged 18" Track wheels with Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position tires, 225/45/18 front, 255/45/18 rear
Nismo Limited Slip Differential
Tilton 8 lb. Flywheel
Tilton Rally Clutch
Tein Coil Overs with Electronic Damping Control
Nismo S-tune Swaybars
Crawford Strut Brace
TechnoSquare ECU - custom flash
Nismo R-tune Cams
Crawford Plenum
Borla Headers
UR Racing Pulleys
RT High-flow Cats
JWT Popcharger Intake
Borla Dual Cat-back Exhaust
Z-xtreme Grounding Kit
Drilled Titanium Pedals
Airbag Cut-off Switch (passenger side)

What's Next?
EVO 3.9 Final Drive Ratio ring & pinion (if EVO is ever able to deliver it)

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I agree with you its good for the money, but I would go for the resonated pipes like Toykilla said. Will make a definate improvement in the sound over non resonated test pipes.
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