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Misc Stuff !!!

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Hey guys, Just curious if any of you had a need for:
1) Line output converter (aka LOC, used to make an RCA signal for an amplifier if you want to keep your factory Headunit) Great Condition.
2) An FM modulator, used to simulate an auxilary input for either a factory headunit, or aftermarket, so that you can run a xbox, dvd player, camcorder, etc through your speakers via a radio frequency. Works perfectly
3) A NEW BOSE grill panel like what comes standard in the touring models behind the driver seat, I bought it because I wanted to have an opening for a box I was putting behind the seat and to maintain the "factory" look, but am going a different route, still in plastic
4) An A&A Specialties Carbon fiber and aluminum adjustable spoiler. I had this on a project show car last year, and it was since parted out, all I have left is the spoiler. It came with large urethane end caps, but we didn't like the look of the so, I machined some custom aluminum end pieces. At the time It retailed for $700, I paid $525 (might be able to put my hands on the receipt) It is definately for someone going for a more tuner look, but done right it looks great. it is considered a "universla spoiler, but it doesnt look generic at all, and the price originally paid reflects it. I can post pics if someone can explain how to do that or I can just e-mail anyone interested. Honestly I just want to get rid of it, its been sitting in my garage wrapped in plastic for too long.

Anyway, just wanted to clear out some stuff, thought it might be wanted by someone.

Any reasonable offer or trade accepted.
Mail me at [email protected]


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