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For the Twin Cities Z Club, I've been asked by Tara to see how many of you guys and gals are interested in doing this as one of the summer events. She wants to plan for it well in advance and take care of all the details for us.

The basic concept of this:

Start at my house and leave in timed intervals,
use a navigator and drive to predetermined locations (safely),
check in at each interval,
ultimately make it back to my place for the party and prizes.

She's going to need volunteers for the checkpoints. She thinks a small donation is needed to help pay for 'registration' to buy a prize or whatever, also some of that money will go towards food and drinks (unless you bring it at the beginning of the event), and this should be invitation only.

I'm not too thrilled about people I don't know who show up at my house and start eating my food and walking around my house. Let's not have that happen again. :)

Recruiting your GF's, wives, friends, w/e for the relay race is recommended. They can be your navigators, drivers, or checkpoint volunteers. Make sure you can get them to commit to an all day or half day event.

Tara won't give me details since I'll probably be in the relay, so don't ask me. :D She wants to set up the checkpoints and what not. She's asking to get a list of interested people ASAP. I believe her brother will help set something up online. More details will follow.

For now, let's set up the list and get the word out to your fellow enthusiasts. I don't care if it's Z's, G's, or other nice cars. I just don't want any crazy people who are going to be reckless. It's not about speed but how you get there.


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