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Mini Meet at Englishtown 11/3

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This Wednesday at Englishtown.

Proceed along Route 18 North, crossing the Raritan River (approximately 3.7 miles). Continue on Route 18 North.
For the Busch campus - take the first exit for Campus Road.
For the Livingston campus - take the second exit marked Metlars Lane, Livingston Campus, Rutgers RAC. This will bring you onto Avenue E.
Make the first left all the way down, you will see a huge parking lot on your right... just look for the Z's...
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That's my bday, have a beer in my honor! :biggrin: have fun, too bad NJ is that far away from pittsburgh....
So this Mini Meet is starting at Rutgers and then is driving down to E-town. What time do you have to be at Rutgers and when do you plan on arriving down at Englishtown?
Not sure what the exact deal is with this. There are about 3-4 z's in rutgers who started a thread about this over at Not sure when they plan to head out, but they want to get there at 5pm. I don't get out of work until 4:30, so I'm going to meet everyone down there.
I'd consider it, but I don't get out of work till 5 (the earliest), and I'm up by the city. So it would take me a while to get down there.
we are meeting at the big lot on livingston campus at 4:30...we are gonna leave at about would be cool for everyone to meet there but there is no use to drive north in order to hit more traffic on 18 south on the way to the place

dont know how many z's are showin up in the parking lot
I am planning on running the APS again tonight so it would be cool to see everyone.. I will meet you at the track, no way am I driving up there @ 5.. Way too much traffic....
PS-Sean, we can swap the pipes tomorrow night if thats cool with you...
you're running the APS again?!

what time are you gonna be up there
Isn't that what I said??? haha.. I should be up their around 5:30 or so and racing starts at 6.. I will probably run until about 9.... Call the cell if you don't find me..
:shiftdrive: APS

I'll be leaving downtown newark at 4:30pm, So I'll get there in however long it takes to get there from here at rush hour. I'll be in the blue g35 that looks like it hasn't been washed in months.
Wasn't able to make it up there last night... how did you guys make out?
Their were a few of us... I ran a 12.1 again... You coming saturday to PA?
Here is (12.1) vs Me and then havabooz

5.4MB DiVX video
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